Here’s where our adventures began and this is where we’ve archived what we’ve gathered along the way:

Kooji Creative – Version One (Full Flash)

Kooji Creative – Blog (2006 – 2012)

Micro-blogging (through sites like Twitter and Facebook) is what all the cool kids are doing now, but for several years we maintained a blog. We documented excursions to local attractions, final year degree shows, creative talks that we’d attended, basically anything that we felt was inspiring and would be of interest to others! Read about all our past adventures here.
Le Theatre Website
Le Theatre de quantempus (Full Flash)

Katherine’s personal portfolio ‘Le Theatre de quantempus’ was used to demonstrate not only her ability in traditional art but also her expertise in digital design.

The toy theatre style interface housed all her creative collaborations, quirky experiments and a selection of her favourite sketch-books. Each section of the site was found in a different scene from the show, all of which were inspired by fantasy and fables. It was intended to be a memorable, unique and interactive experience which left visitors wanting to know more about it’s creator.

This project is still a favourite of ours and one that we will always be incredibly proud of. Whilst the technology used to create it (Adobe Flash, using Actionscript 3) has now moved on the creativity and the work that went into making this will stand the test of time.

Grab your ticket, take a seat and enjoy the show!

Trumpet Cleaner (Full Flash)


Trumpet Cleaner – Loading Screen

Back when Flash was still popular, Johnny created this fully interactive portfolio ‘experience’. His old personal portfolio was built entirely in Flash, using Actionscript 3 to create a very unique viewing experience!


A Blackpool bar-room scene was the setting of choice here to give the site it’s individual character and to capture some of my personality.The key element to the ‘machine’ seen here was the ‘illuminations’ that accompany each of the four categories of work on display.


The profile page finds me here in the pub, sporting a pink beverage and no shoes (or socks for that matter!). Surely a nod to my student days, (or just a reminder to buy new footwear).


Since this is a less formal look at my creative work I included an interactive sketchbook of doodles, guarded by the standard local pub dog.

Fundacja Miedzy Nami (Full Flash)

The Among Us Foundation (Fundacja Między Nami) is a non-profit organisation for both adults with physical and learning disabilities and the homeless in Lublin, Poland. The centre runs therapy workshops, organises excursions and promotes the artwork of the participants through exhibitions.

This website is intended to encourage visitors to support their work by either volunteering, purchasing their artwork or making donations. The video above shows the old Flash website which I built in 2008. This is in the process of being replaced by a new website which I have built using the WordPress Content Management System, so as to enable staff at the centre to update it themselves.

Fundacja Miedzy Nami

Visit the website here: