Wow Gallery

I put together the ‘Wow Gallery’ and this accompanying booklet for Media Wow, a digital, marketing and media agency in Leeds. The typographic cover uses positive qualities all associated with Wow’s team members. It was designed to be viewed online to complement the team section of the company website.

WG Booklet 01

‘A business isn’t really anything without great people’ and the gallery celebrates this by bringing together a collection of treasures and oddities. Each item reflects the personality of it’s benefactor (who remains anonymous).

WG Booklet 02

‘Team mates come and go but here in this gallery they can leave their mark and be remembered always’. I included photographs, descriptions and light-hearted titles for each piece.

WG Booklet 03

The seating area for clients was the best location as it gives visitors an interesting display to keep them occupied while they wait for their meeting.

Wow Studio 01

Wow Studio

Wow Studio 02

Wow Studio