Horses for Courses

Redbank Stables is a livery yard and equestrian trader which specialises in buying and selling quality horses and ponies. My role covers the marketing and promotion of their services and I am responsible for creative design and the management of… Continue Reading →


Centered on the major cities of the M62 corridor: Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and Newcastle dot:north provides a platform for the region’s startup culture, social media, R&D, academia, digital arts, design, biotech and videogames industries. The website is intended to… Continue Reading →

I Want My Kooji TV

The Kooji TV YouTube channel was set up to share video, animation and motion graphics projects with the online community. To raise awareness and to attract new subscribers, we designed this flyer. We created the 1950s style TV in Illustrator… Continue Reading →

Mole Warfare

In order to demonstrate the mobile app design services at Media Wow, Johnny began developing ideas for this simple and addictive game. With the working title ‘Bomb-a-mole’, the concept was simple. The player must set their bomb fuse length then… Continue Reading →

Last Coiner Movie Website

To help generate funding for a feature film project, “The Last Coiner”, Peter Kershaw from Duchy Parade Films required a movie website.

Coins & Nooses

To begin promoting the feature film, ‘The Last Coiner’ even before production has begun, Duchy Parade Films required a movie website and sponsorship game. For the sponsorship game we developed a snakes and ladders style board game using Actionscript 2…. Continue Reading →

Last Coiner Animations

These animated transition sequences were produced for Duchy Parade Films and appeared in a ‘making-of’ documentary feature about their ongoing project, The Last Coiner. We were provided with material from the graphic novel and also introduced our own footage of… Continue Reading →

Coily Cod

The evolution of sea life according to Kooji! Sure the contents of the sea are already pretty amazing to look at but we still like to mix things up a little. Confusing predators with it’s swirly shape and protecting itself… Continue Reading →

My Teen Pony

Ever wondered what happens to little ponies when they reach their teens? Well wonder no more with this sassy, moody teen pony top!

Firey Blast

Feed your nostalgia for the Blackpool Illuminations whilst simultaneously impressing your friends with this art nouveau influenced piece of fine art! View items


Inspired by both Mucha and the Blackpool Illuminations, this illustrated mermaid makes any item look unique and beautiful. View items

Wabbit Hugs

Spread the love with this cute bouncing bunny. Look out, incoming hugs!! View items

Fat Cat

He’s a cheeky chappy, with a gob full of canary feathers, although he wouldn’t admit that’s what they are! With this design we went for a nice friendly hand-drawn style. View items

Feeling Light Headed?

Yay! Now the ‘Feeling Light Headed?’ range is available to buy! View items

Summer Prom Fairy

Forget the Sugar Plum Fairy this is the Summer Prom Fairy! She can usually be found hiding at the bottom of the garden (playing with daisies) but posed long enough for the creation of this design! View items

Sugar Shine Planet

We were commissioned to design and illustrate a cover for the children’s book ‘Sugar Shine Planet’ written by Carol Bartholomew. The stories follow the adventures of a group of magical ponies and their friends on a world above the skies… Continue Reading →

Carmina Burana

This design is inspired by Carl Orff’s musical composition ‘Carmina Burana’ and is based on the Wheel of Fortune which was used on the cover of the score. The lyrics were derived from a mediaeval collection of poems, with the… Continue Reading →

We Like Short Shorts

Get this cheeky companion for your Samsung S4, and protect your phone in style. Or show your love for short shorts with the We Like Short Shorts clothing range or other items. View items

Back To School!

Make those school summer holidays pass more easily with our celebration of that ‘Back To School’ advertising which sends shivers down children’s spines every year! Yes this exclusive artwork from Kooji Creative will remind those pesky kids of their impending… Continue Reading →

TrumpetCleaner Ident

For my first animated ident I wanted to bring together several kinds of media into a single, flowing sequence. To achieve this I used Combustion which allowed for a sense of depth using it’s 3D layers and camera. This sequence… Continue Reading →

Kooji Creative Showreel

  What did you dream about last night? As part of our promotional work for Kooji Creative, we produced this showreel to be displayed on the BBC Bigscreen in Millennium Square, Leeds (Yorkshire, UK). It brings together our most experimental… Continue Reading →

Binary Pests

This animated logo was for my final year University project group, Binary Pests. My aim was to create a playful, MTV feel for the project. Each of the four members of the group were recreated in pixel art style whilst… Continue Reading →

Life’s Arrow

This short animation was submitted to the Northern Design competition and includes artwork from several of my digital illustrations (see the Illustration section on my portfolio: Using Discreet’s Combustion to create the sequence allowed me to explore my 2D… Continue Reading →

Major Tom

Using David Bowie’s song ‘Space Oddity’ as inspiration I created this hand-drawn animation using tracing paper, a sheet of glass, an analogue camera all brought together on an oldS-VHS editing deck. At five frames per second and over five minutes… Continue Reading →

Flight of The Hands

This was my first ever stop-motion animation and was produced during my foundation course at Leeds College of Art and Design in 1997. To this day I’m still not sure where the idea came from as it hatched in my… Continue Reading →

Catching Faeries

This video was made for my first interactive CD-ROM which was a tribute to one of my favourite illustrators, Brian Froud, who has worked on the films Labyrinth and Dark Crystal. This is my impression of the character in his… Continue Reading →


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This is a collaborative piece produced for the Underground Art School as part of their ‘Art & Fear’ issue: A celebration of affirmation type. We chose to make a tribute to Max Ehrmann’s poem ‘Desiderata’ (Latin for ‘Things to be… Continue Reading →

MTV International

Studio Baum called upon Johnny’s motion graphics skills to produce an intro sequence for MTV International. The full video was aimed at big companies and well known brands to showcase the benefits of advertising through MTV’s world wide program. The… Continue Reading →

Learning Your ABCs

Rachael Anilyse of Underground Art School magazine was a big fan of ‘zine’ collaborations and for the “Simplicity” issue we stepped in with our unconventional alphabet. We crafted a series of letters using light-hearted illustrations in the style of a… Continue Reading →

Put It In Context

When our friend Racheal from Underground Art School released Issue 4: The Simplicity Issue, it included a resource zine called ‘Context.’ We were both very honoured to have our artwork (a collaborative piece we called ‘Learning Your ABCs’) shown in… Continue Reading →

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